Available March 16th

Reese King may be stuck in a rut, overworking herself teaching entry-level Biology labs at a local college. When one particular student shows up in her class, though, she’s thrown for more than a loop. She hasn’t been attracted to a student before, but she knows she’ll never give in to the temptation.


When Max Logan enrolls in classes at a small college far from his elitist family’s reach, he’s floundering for another purpose in life. After heartbreak and a debilitating accident, he’s lost his dream of an Air Force career. So now what is he supposed to do? Drinking and sleeping around is getting him nowhere fast, and he vows to change. No more alcohol, no more women. Never again will he seek a long-term relationship, either.


However, attraction doesn’t lie, and Reese and Max face the challenge of the student-teacher boundary. Friendship comes next, but after that? Never say never…


Never Will is the second book of the Matter of Time series, the first of which is Always Was.


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