Off the Clock is HERE!

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Live a little, they said. Relax.

From the moment I start this vacation, enjoying my time off seems impossible when everything flops. My luggage goes missing, my purse is stolen, and my reservation is not at all what I expected. Stranded and refusing to stay at a nudist resort full of interesting, retired folks, I have no choice but to leave, and run right into a sexy man who seems so wonderfully normal—and willing to drive me into town.

When he drops me off after helping me find a new hotel, I’m more than surprised when he returns, seeking nothing but my company. Breaking from my need to control every detail of my life—a joke on this bizarre trip—I accept his suggestion to share a room. His only condition: we keep it simple. One week, one bed, but no personal details. A fling. What happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun.

It’s been years since I’ve met someone who doesn’t recognize me as the celebrity I’ve become. So how can I resist the temptation to share my break from filming with this real and down-to-earth woman who has no clue about my status? She’s different, a welcome breath of fresh air dragging me out of the rut I’ve been in, and I’m not ready to let her slip away.

Her vacation is already off to a lousy start with rain, vermin, and sleazy men. It’s my pleasure to turn her trip around, but as we make the most of a holiday gone wrong, I err in thinking we could ever manage something with no strings attached. When she discovers my omission, learning of the fame I hid from her…it looks like one week in Mexico is all I’ll ever have with her.